Best Of Class Connectivity

Vortex is equipped with a wide range of connectivity options, both wireless and wired. 

Grab control of the Vortex using the connectivity options below:

  • Wired DMX:  Full size, IP65 rated XLR5 connectors for DMX-512 control.  These ports are opto-isolated for additional protection
  • sACN: Streaming ACN over LAN connection.  Up to four simultaneous sources of sACN can be received, with HTP (Highest Takes Precedence) merging.  The LAN port is IP65 rated when used with matching Neutrik etherCON TOP connector
  • CRMX: The Vortex includes an integrated LumenRadio TimoTwo module which supports both CRMX and CRMX2 for wireless control
  • CRMX BLE:  Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) control is available using Luminair or Blackout Apps, via the integrated LumenRadio TimoTwo module
  • Accessory Port: The accessory port allows control using the CreamTwist Wired Remote, and connection of Camera Sync signal

The Vortex will automatically prioritise the incoming control signals in the following order:

  1. Wired DMX
  2. sACN
  4. CreamTwist Remote


Best Of Class Connectivity 1


Using your Vortex in the wet?  Make sure to follow these precautions to prevent water damage!