Water and Connectors

Before using your Vortex in the wet, you need to take some precautions.

The IP65 rating of the Vortex fixture means it can survive low pressure water jets in all directions, but not full submersion. It also means that it has a high resistance to dust and dirt. 

Special care needs to be taken with the connector ports, as these can leak water if incorrectly used.  They need to be mated with the appropriate IP65 rated plugs, or if the port is not used the connector cap must be firmly secured to prevent water leaking in and damaging the unit.  Note that water damage is NOT covered by warranty.

Suitable matching plugs for on-board connectors, when used in wet environments:

  • AC Power - Use Neutrik powerCON TRUE1 TOP connector only 
  • DMX - Use Neutrik XLR TOP series connectors only
  • DC Power - Use Amphenol Ecomate connector only.  Make sure it is securely tightened!
  • Accessory - Use with Creamsource accessories only
  • Ethernet - Use with Neutrik etherCON TOP connector only
Unused connector ports can let in water.  Firmly secure all connector caps to maintain IP65 sealing.

Only power the Vortex with the supplied powerCON AC cable.  Some third-party cables are not rated for use in wet environments.

For wet locations, it is recommended to use an earth leakage circuit breaker (RCD or GFI) to protect the user and the device.

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