CreamTwist Remote

Control one or more Creamsource fixtures with the Wired CreamTwist Remote

The CreamTwist Remote plugs into the Accessory connector on the back of the unit. This will allow basic control of the fixture including Brightness, Level, CCT, Tint, Hue and Saturation.

Multiple Vortex units can be controlled together with the Remote, by linking the fixtures with DMX Cable.  See here for more details.

Older style remotes (Part Number CS-REM) have a different connector and need to be used in conjunction with the Accessory Convertor (Part Number CSU-ACC-CONV) on a Vortex, Micro or SpaceX.  New remotes (CSV-REM) can be used directly on the Vortex, Micro and SpaceX

The Remote is not IP rated and should not be exposed to water