Setting up Camera Syncing with Sync/Genlock Input using the Flashbandit

Use the Flashbandit (CSV-SYNC) to connect cameras that have a Genlock Input. Refer to the connection diagram on the Syncing to Cameras section.

1. Set correct frame rate and format on the Lockit box (see user manual for device). This should match the frame rate and format you intend to shoot at.

If using the Ambient Lockit box:

  • Use the correct cable SYNC-OUT from the Lockit box.  It has a yellow connector.
  • Check the Sync Mode on the Lockit box is set to "P" or "PsF".  If set to "I" then the Creamsource will only register at half the framerate (e.g. "48I" setting will be register as 24fps).  For more details, see the Lockit user guide here.

2. Plug Flashbandit into the Accessory port of the Vortex

3. Plug the BNC-T adapter into the SYNC/WORDCLOCK output of the Lockit box. 

4. Connect the camera GENLOCK input to the Lockit box with the coaxial cable. Follow the camera instructions for setting up to receive Genlock signal.

5. Connect the Flashbandit to the Lockit Box using coaxial cable – a blue light on Flashbandit should flash indicating valid signal.

6. Once sync is established, a green bar will be highlighted on the top of the status bar of the Vortex indicating the device is synchronised. The frame rate will also be displayed beneath the status bar.

7. Calibrate using the Flashbandit (see Calibrate Sync for details).