Running from Batteries

The Vortex4/8 can be run directly from a 48V regulated DC battery source with no additional hardware required. The fixture is also able to hot-swap between AC and DC power sources and is capable of running at 100% brightness while being powered by a battery. The battery must have sufficient capacity to continuously power the fixture with a current draw of 13.5A (V8) or 6.8A (V4)

The Vortex requires an input voltage in the range of 45 - 50V DC.  Most batteries will have a much larger range than this, so a regulated battery system is required to keep within the operating limits of the Vortex.  

The DC input has over-voltage and under-voltage protection, and reverse polarity protection. 

Some power will still be drawn from the battery if also running from AC power.  Unplug battery when not in use to save energy.

Do not exceed 50v otherwise your Vortex8 may be damaged.

It is possible to limit the power draw of the fixture, so smaller batteries can be used.  

Setting a Power Limit