Setting a Power Limit

Power draw of the fixture can be limited by setting a limit, in Watts.  This can be set from 100W to 650W, in steps of 10W.  The brightness level of the unit will be limited to keep within the power limit set.  Note the limit only applies when a DC input is detected, and will apply even if AC source is also plugged in.  Set the limit under MENU > Fixture Settings > Battery Power Limit.

Setting a Power Limit 1

This icon indicates the unit is being powered via a battery source, and the power limit has been set but not yet reached.

Setting a Power Limit 2

The icon will turn yellow if the power limit has been exceeded. The unit will dim to keep within the set power limit.


The table below shows power requirements when running at maximum brightness. Battery Amp-Hour ratings should be chosen accordingly.

Part Number


Current Draw @ 48V

CSV-8 Vortex8