Wireless DMX Control

Every Vortex unit has built in Wireless DMX control using the LumenRadio CRMX system.  

When a valid wireless DMX signal is present, the blue Wireless indicator on the keypad will light up.  The current signal level will also be displayed on the top status area of the OLED screen

If wired DMX is connected at the same time as the Wireless DMX is receiving data, then the wired connection will take control.

The DMX Address and Mode should be set in the same manner as for wired DMX.

To unlink the LumenRadio CRMX module, press the LINK button and select CRMX Settings > Unlink CRMX (or hold down the LINK button for 2 seconds).

Please see Lumen Radio documentation for more information about the wireless DMX system.

If the 'DMX Forwarding' option is enabled in the DMX menu, then incoming CRMX DMX data will be forwarded to the DMX port. It is recommended to keep ‘DMX Forwarding’ disabled if you plan to hot-swap between CRMX / sACN and DMX data.