Which battery systems will work with Vortex?

There are many battery systems which can be used to power the Vortex fixtures.  The Vortex have the option to limit the maximum power draw when using batteries, to allow smaller batteries to be used without overloading them.  This can be accessed under 'Fixture Settings->Battery Power Limit' on the Vortex unit.

  • Maximum power draw for Vortex8: 660W, 13.75A
  • Maximum power draw for Vortex4: 330W, 6.9A
  • Required Voltage: 48V DC (allowable range 45-50V)


One popular option is the BeBob Cube, which can provide up to 480W.  If using with a Vortex8, the "Battery Power Limit" option (under 'Fixture Settings' Menu on the Vortex) should be set to 480W to prevent overload on the battery.



The FXLION Sky 3 can provide up to 1000W of power, so can run a Vortex8 at 100% output. 



Gen Energy G-PB48 M2 can power max. 650W with G-B100 / 390W 26A.



Block Battery HCL-435 - 435W,  Need to use Battery Power Limiting on Vortex to keep under 435W


Block Battery DIT-1400 and R48 MAX. The R48 MAX is what will provide the regulated 48V output and the DIT-1400 is a 1,400 watt hour battery.


Aputure "2-bay battery power station" will supply 480W, can run V4. 3pin XLR connector can be used directly with our battery cable PN: CS-PWR-5M-XLR3