IMPORTANT - Only power Vortex with the supplied PowerCon AC cable.  Some third-party cables are not rated for use in wet environments.

Use etherCON TOP connector only for preventing water from damaging ethernet ports.

Vortex8 is rated IP65. Vortex8 must NOT be submerged in water. 

Heavy -Vortex8 weighs 13.7kg/30lbs. Lift with care.

Not intended for permanent outdoor use. Temporary outdoor use only. 

Do not open or disassemble the fixture under any circumstances, doing so voids warranty and may cause harm to you if powered.

Fixture produces intense light.  To prevent eye damage, do not stare directly at the light beam.

Ensure that the Vortex8 is clear of any obstructions in any direction with a minimum distance of 45cm/18”.

This product is intended for professional use and may only be operated by qualified persons.

Do not cover the ventilation slots on the side and rear of the Vortex8. Airflow is required for cooling and operation.

Always ensure that the fixture is earthed electrically.

Not for Residential Use.

To avoid corrosion and damage to the unit, remove power and clean with fresh soapy water after exposure to salty environments like beach locations.

If using the Vortex8 near water or in the rain, it is recommended to use an earth leakage circuit breaker (RCD or GFI) to protect the user and the device.

If a fixture is dropped, please carefully inspect for damage. 

If unsure of the damage status, please remove power from the unit before touching or moving it, and seek professional service help.

Exposure of the unit to high levels of UV for prolonged periods may cause the Technopolymer to degrade over time. Please inspect for weather related cracking periodically and seek professional service help if visible cracks are found.

Please take care to check the fixture, connectors, and cables for signs of damage, abrasion wear, cracks, and loose screws etc prior to use.  Water ingress into a damaged product may produce a shock hazard for the operator, causing injury or death.

The fixture may become hot during operation. Maximum Surface Temperature Tc = 70°C.

Inspect the power cable for damage prior to operation.