48V DC Power Requirements and Limits

A regulated 48V battery system is required to keep the input voltage between 45-50V needed by the Vortex to operate correctly when using DC power

When running on battery power, the Vortex requires an input voltage of between 45-50V DC.  Most 'unregulated' battery systems will have a fully charged voltage that exceeds this, so it is important to use a battery system with a 'regulated' 48V output (this will provide 48V output regardless of the battery charge level).

The Vortex DC input does have over-voltage and under-voltage protection, and reverse polarity protection. If the input voltage is over 52V or under 45V, the unit will shut down without any damage.

If the battery system can keep within this range, then it does not need further regulation.  Note absolute maximum input voltage is 60V DC, for input voltage higher than this, damage may occur.

  • Under Voltage Shutdown at: <45V
  • Over Voltage Shutdown at: >52V
  • Absolute Maximum Input voltage before damage will occur: 60V
  • Maximum power draw for Vortex8: 660W, 13.75A
  • Maximum power draw for Vortex4: 330W, 6.9A