Vortex DC connector pinout and connector type

Use the following connector from Amphenol to connect to the DC input on the Vortex 8 and Vortex 4 units

The Vortex can be power from a regulated 48V DC power source.  Use the following connector to plug into the DC Input on the Vortex 8 and Vortex 4:

  • Connector: Amphenol Ecomate 4 Pin Female, PN: C016 20D003 110 10
  • Pin E & 1: -ve
  • Pin 2 & 3: +ve

All four pins should be connected.  

Acceptable Voltage Range: 45-50V DC

Maximum Power Vortex 8: 660W, 13.75A

Maximum Power Vortex 4: 330W, 6.9A