Syncing Multiple Units

It is possible to distribute sync signal to multiple Vortex units using regular DMX cable.  This allows for large arrays of Vortex to be precisely synchronised, without custom cables or extra hardware.

1. The sync source (camera genlock output, Flashbandit or other external trigger signal) should be connected to the Accessory port on the Master Vortex unit.

2. Connect DMX cable between the Master and the Secondary units using the DMX IN and DMX THRU ports.

3. Enable ‘Send Sync via DMX’ option on the Master unit (under Advanced > Sync Option menu)

4. Enable ‘Receive Sync via DMX’ option on the Secondary units (under Advanced > Sync Option menu)

5. You only need to calibrate sync on the Master unit, the Secondary units do not need to be calibrated.  If using ‘Invert Input Level’ option, this only needs to be done on the Master unit.

Regular DMX control cannot be used at the same time as sync over DMX.  If you need remote control of the fixtures, you can still use CRMX Wireless, Bluetooth or sACN.  

Syncing Multiple Units 1

Syncing Multiple Units 2

This status icon is shown if the DMX ports are being used for Camera Sync, and cannot be used for transmitting or receiving camera sync.  This setting can be accessed under Advanced > Sync Options menu.