Streaming ACN (sACN)

sACN DMX data can be received via the Ethernet port, on universe 1 to 63,999.  The device uses Multicast sACN implementation as per the ANSI E1.31 standard.  The IP address of the fixture can be configured either as Static, or via DHCP.

The DMX Address and Mode should be set in the same manner as for wired DMX.

When valid sACN signal is present, the yellow EXT indicator on the keypad will light up and the DMX home screen is displayed.

The ethernet connector is a Neutrik etherCON TOP type, and will be only be water resistant when mated with other Neutrik etherCON TOP connectors.

If the 'DMX Forwarding' option is enabled in the DMX menu, then incoming sACN DMX data will be forwarded to the DMX port. Note it may not be possible to hot-swap to Wired DMX with this option enabled (due to data clash between the DMX Output and DMX Input).