Introducing CreamOS

CreamOS is the advanced operating system which all Vortex fixtures are based on.

We developed CreamOS from the ground up to meet the demands of the Vortex ecosystem.   

  • Precisely colour control gives very accurate results, even when dimmed to low levels.
  • Multitude of control options including from the control panel, wired and wireless.
  • Easy to navigate and intuitive menu system for configuring and operating your Vortex.
  • Extremely fast response time for frame-accurate effects up to 5,000fps.
  • USB support for saving configuration and user presets.


CreamOS is driven by the following screens:

Colour Mode

Introducing CreamOS 1

Effects Mode

Introducing CreamOS 2

Home screen

Introducing CreamOS 3

Settings screen

Introducing CreamOS 4

Visit for the latest version of CreamOS.