How to remove TimoTwo CRMX BLE Pin Code

If the TimoTwo Bluetooth Pin Code has been lost, follow these steps to remove the pin code

It is possible to set a Bluetooth Pin Code for the TimoTwo CRMX module, via the LumenRadio CRMX Toolbox App.  However, it is not possible to remove this pin code via the CRMX Toolbox App if the pin code has been forgotten or lost.  As of V2.0.0 Vortex Firmware, it is not possible to change or reset the pin code from the Vortex GUI either.  This means you could get locked out of using CRMX Bluetooth features if the pin code is lost.

We have released a BETA Vortex Firmware version which has the ability to remove the BLE pin code - this will be included in our next official firmware release but until then is available here as a BETA release. 

How to remove pin code:

  • Download V12.0.1 BETA version from this link (this is based on V2.0.0)  V12.0.1 BETA
  • Update the fixture with this firmware version (put file onto a USB drive, and re-power fixture with USB drive installed to update the unit)
  • Once unit has booted - Press 'LINK' button, and go to 'CMRX Settings' menu
  • Choose 'Remove CRMX BLE Pin' option and press 'Select' to remove the pin code
  • Now you can restore the Vortex to your desired version of firmware - see firmware updates 
  • Note - if original firmware version was before V2.0.0, user settings and user presets will be erased during this process!