Hardware required for FrameSync and Flash Frames Effects

Hardware required for connecting Camera and Vortex for FrameSync effects

If you would like to use your Vortex fixture with a camera that supports Genlock / Sync output (e.g. Phantom Flex 4k) you can connect the fixture and camera using the Creamsource Accessory BNC Adapter (CSV-ACC-BNC) and a coax cable with BNC connectors to connect the devices.

If you are using a camera that only supports Genlock input (e.g. Alexa Mini or LF Cameras), you are able to achieve the same effect with a Sync Generator and Flashbandit. We have successfully tested with the "Ambient ACN-CL Lockit" box, however, it is likely that other varients may work.

In this case you will require the below items:

  • Creamsource Flashbandit (CS-SYNC)
  • Creamsource Accessory Converter Cable (CSU-ACC-CONV)
  • Ambient ACN-CL Lockit (or alternative sync generator) + Ambient SYNC-OUT ACN-CL Lockit Sync Ouput Cable
  • BNX "T" Junction connector
  • Coax Cable with BNC connectors to run between Camera, Vortex and Sync Generator

NOTE - FrameSync is not generally required for flicker-free high speed shooting, see: Is Camera Sync Required for High Speed