Hardware required for FrameSync and Flash Frames Effects

Hardware required for connecting Camera and Vortex for FrameSync effects

IIf you would like to use your Vortex fixture with a camera that supports Genlock / Sync output (e.g. Phantom Flex 4k) you can connect the fixture and camera using the Creamsource Accessory BNC Adapter (CSV-ACC-BNC) and a coax cable with BNC connectors to connect the devices.

If you are using a camera that only supports Genlock input (e.g. Alexa Mini or LF Cameras), you are able to achieve the same effect with a Sync Generator and Flashbandit. We have successfully tested with the "Ambient ACN-CL Lockit" box, however, it is likely that other varients may work.

In this case you will require the below items:

  • Creamsource Flashbandit for Vortex (CSV-SYNC)
  • Ambient ACN-CL Lockit (or alternative sync generator) + Ambient SYNC-OUT ACN-CL Lockit Sync Output Cable
  • BNX "T" Junction connector
  • Coax Cable with BNC connectors to run between Camera, Vortex and Sync Generator

If using the Ambient Lockit box:

  • Use the correct cable SYNC-OUT from the Lockit box.  It has a yellow connector.
  • Check the Sync Mode on the Lockit box is set to "P" or "PsF".  If set to "I" then the Creamsource will only register at half the framerate (e.g. "48I" setting will be register as 24fps).  For more details, see the Lockit user guide here.

If using the first generation Flashbandit with the part number CS-SYNC, you will also need to use the Creamsource Accessory Converter Cable (CSU-ACC-CONV) to plug it into the Vortex.

TIP: FrameSync is not generally required for flicker-free high-speed shooting, see: Is Camera Sync Required for High Speed