DMX Control Channel

Change settings remotely using the DMX control channel.

The control channel is available on most DMX modes, and allows you to change settings on the Vortex which are usually only accessible through the menu system on the fixture, or over RDM. It takes a single DMX channel - typically the last channel in the profile.

Settings you can change include High Speed Mode, Dimming Curves, DMX Smoothing Mode, Calibrated RGBW mode and many more.

The control channel can be used over wired DMX, wireless CRMX or sACN.  It does not rely on any special hardware or RDM enabled networks.

The following procedure must be followed to change a setting and save it to non-volatile memory.

  1. Start with the channel at the 0% position.
  2. Snap to the desired setting value (e.g. 30% to enable high speed mode).
  3. Hold this value for 3 seconds (allowable range: 2.5 to 5 seconds).
  4. Snap back to 0%.

To confirm the setting has been received and activated, the Vortex LED array with briefly flash green (this green flash can be disabled using the control channel if desired).

The DMX Smoothing Curve settings operate slightly differently – they can be activated immediately by setting the control channel to the desired value. This means they can be queued, for instant changes between a super smooth fade or fast flashing effects.

The Smoothing Curve mode is NOT saved during a power cycle, unless the snap-and-hold procedure above is followed.

See Control Channel section in DMX charts for detailed command list.

DMX Table Version 2.5