CreamOS Firmware v1.3.0

Firmware download and release notes, compatible with Vortex4 and Vortex8. Released 21 Dec 2021

Download Firmware File

How to update

1. Copy the file to the root level of USB drive. Only one *.sfb update file should be copied onto the drive at a time.

2. Insert USB drive into USB connector on Vortex.

3. Power up Vortex and it will automatically update to the version copied on the USB drive.  This will take 1-2 minutes

4. Safely remove USB drive once the update is complete.

USB Drives need to be formatted as FAT or FAT32. If the Vortex fails to read the USB drive, please try one from a different manufacturer.  Maximum drive size is 32GB

What's new

Changes from 1.2.1 to 1.3.0

  • Added support for Vortex4 fixtures. This firmware can also be used in Vortex8 fixtures.
  • CreamOS 1.3.0 is the minimum version required for Vortex4.
  • Show IP address on screen when in Multizone mode with sACN
  • Added reset of Dynamic Config values by holding quickey (e.g. Hold down GRN/MAG button to reset to 0)
  • Increase resolution of CCT from 100K to 10K, and slow down encoder speed
  • Change GRN/MAG display to -1.00 -> +1.00 (from -100 -> 100)
  • Stop Lumen Radio icon jitting when going between 99/100%
  • Added Over temperature icon to Status Bar
  • Allow brightness control of Demo Multizone mode. Also fix DMX clash if in Demo mode, and restore last settings properly when exiting demo.
  • Added 1second 'settling' timer to DMX Flex Mode, so does not immediately change mode when DMX slot 1 is changed
  • Fixed missing 'Reserved' channel from DMX Channel Count (on screen) for modes 1-30
  • Added error message on startup if LED Driver boards are not detected, wrong HW Type is configured or there is communications error with LED Driver
  • Added error message on startup if Fan controller board is not detected
  • Added 'beta' display on startup, if running a BETA firmware version
  • LED Driver: Add safety so HRD drivers cannot be enabled if temperature sensor is not detected
  • LED Driver: Add flashing mode to red Error LED on HRD: Solid = HRD Address not set, Fast Flash = No 48V Power, Slow Flash = Temp Sensor Error on either zone


DMX Mapping Change in V1.2.0 - Multizone Modes

Versions before V1.2.0 had the Fan Channel control in the FIRST SLOT, for Multizone Modes.  In V1.2.0 (and later versions) this moved to the LAST SLOT.

Make sure to use the correct DMX profiles in your console, or Multizone modes won't work correctly.