CreamOS Firmware v1.1.2

Firmware download and release notes, compatible with Vortex8. Released 3 Dec 2020

NOTE - This firmware version only works with Vortex8 units

Download Firmware File

How to update

1. Copy the file to the root level of USB drive. Only one *.sfb update file should be copied onto the drive at a time.

2. Insert USB drive into USB connector on Vortex.

3. Power up Vortex and it will automatically update to the version copied on the USB drive.  This will take 1-2 minutes

4. Safely remove USB drive once the update is complete.

USB Drives need to be formatted as FAT or FAT32. If the Vortex fails to read the USB drive, please try one from a different manufacturer.  Maximum drive size is 32GB

What's new

Changes from 1.0.33 to 1.1.2

  • Added more special effects: Paparazzi, Strobe, Random, Dual Level. Added Gas Fire preset to Fire Effects
  • Added DMX Smoothing options OFF, SMOOTH and SUPERSMOOTH to allow for smooth DMX transitions on any console
  • Add "Master Mode" enable/disable in Link Menu, to enable sending Creampackets with colour and level information out the DMX port, to synchronize multiple Creamsource fixtures (it is OK to have all fixtures set to Master Mode, then changes on any fixture will get replicated to other fixtures connected via DMX)
  • Display current DMX Mode description text and address ranged used on screen when changing DMX Mode or DMX Address
  • Change EXT and Wireless LED on keypad to be controlled by ambient light level, and change from flashing to solid ON when DMX or LumenRadio interface active
  • Added a new home screen when under DMX control, showing DMX Address range, current mode, colour values, effects enabled and/or zone map when in multi-zone mode.
  • Added timeout to Menu, will return to home screen after 5 minutes if user interaction detected
  • Improvements to User Interface - new icons, sliders, backgrounds
  • Fixed bug where zones could display very faint output even when set to 0% brightness, if adjacent zone was being used
  • Fixed bug where DMX modes 27,28,29 & 30 (Colour Bump modes) could cause fixture to reset if unknown gel was selected on DMX channel
  • Fixed rare bug where system lockup could occur if Fire Effect was used via DMX and 'Preset' value was set higher than maximum preset value (DMX value 159), and the local FX mode was also set to Fire Effect. This could cause restart of unit 3 times, followed by invalidation of firmware. New firmware would need to be uploaded in this case via USB drive.
  • Fixed bug where Colour Bump would not be removed when DMX signal lost, meaning local control could be affected by Colour Bump setting applied via DMX modes 27-30.

Please refer to the Vortex DMX Charts version 1.1. This can be downloaded from the Creamsource Support page along with the firmware.