Calibrate SpaceX

Equipment Needed

  • Creamsource Upgrade Cable for Micro, Sky and SpaceX (PN: CSS-UPG-CBL)
  • Installation Software “Creamsource Sky Upgrade
  • PC Computer running Windows 7 or above
  • Calibration File specific to your fixture

Uploading Calibration Data

  • Make sure fixture is powered off
  • Launch Creamsource Sky Upgrade and connect accesory cable from fixture to PC
  • Power on fixture
  • Click "Rescan" button in application (Note: you may need to select the right COM port if not detected at first)
  • Once the fixture has been detected, click "Upload Calibration File"
  • Choose the correct calibration file for the fixture in the popup and click open
  • The fixture will imediately begin the process upon the popup closing and a new window will popup with success or failure information once complete
  • Click OK